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DriveChange Learning & Resource Centre (DLRC) is a progressive learning space located on a green campus in Sus Gaon. Our relationship with the environment and our efforts towards stewardship are essential to our mission as a learning center. 


K-12th Grade Educational Program

Learning across age groups is divided into three Sections - Primary, Middle and High. In all three sections, learning is facilitated with active participation from the learners. Parents are expected to play an integral part in their child’s learning journey and volunteer at the Centre.


In addition to the academic rigor, the program lays a lot of emphasis on developing empathy and mindfulness in everything we do.


Please click below to learn more about the Program in each Section.

The Campus:
A Learning Resource

With no walls, doors and windows, the Campus has been mindfully designed to inculcate a love for Mother Nature and a mindful use of the natural resources she offers. From reusing wastewater to generating energy from wet waste to recycling human soil - the Campus does it all and much more to make learning contextual!


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Upcoming Events

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Extended Experiences

The Extended Experiences programs, for both children and adults, are designed to stretch your life learning experiences beyond the usual.


Adults can relax in the age-old tradition of farming or come together to cook a meal for themselves and the needy, while children can run around barefoot enjoying the soil under their feet, climbing the trees and much more!


Click below to explore the experiences that await you.

Teacher Development Program

Teacher Development at DLRC is about learning facilitation strategies to inculcate love (in the learner) for the subject facilitated. The program is very rigorous, with a mix of theory and application of strategies to real-life situations.


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Hear from the DLRC Community!

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Videos from the Community
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