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Teacher Development Program

At DLRC we firmly believe that competency of subject matter, thorough understanding of the student’s learning stages and journey, and the ability to create and improvise are key skills required to be a thoughtful teacher/facilitator.

We Offer:​

  • Year long certificate teacher development program for new teachers

  • 3 months sessions on upgrading teaching skills for seasoned teachers 

  • 2-3 days workshops for continuous learning

  • Customised teacher development programs

  • A design to hone your own learning path 

  • Internship at DLRC



Year long Certificate Program for teacher development:

We bring the much awaited, specially curated, year long professional development series for new teachers or those who would like to upgrade their skills. Each module comprises of 2 sessions, 2 hours each. Between each session, the teachers will be required to apply their learnings in their classrooms. A total of 40 hours of PD in a year includes immersive theories/pedagogies, book reading, practical application, reflection, collaboration and journaling.

Module 1. How Children Learn (4 hours)

Deepen your understanding of the milestones of human development, and learn pedagogical methods to support holistic development. 


Module 2. Child Observation, Documentation and Evaluation (4 hours)

Get familiar with the areas, methods and tools for observation, documentation and evaluation. Learn how to engage in self-evaluation and use it to improve your teaching practices.


Module 3. Playing and Learning (4 hours)

Learn theories of play and why it is important for children. Deepen your knowledge of the teacher’s role in play and how you can use play to support students' learning and development.


Module 4. Classroom Management (4 hours)

Understand how you can immerse children in their learning environment, thus eliminating the need for having to manage the classroom. Additionally, understand and apply smart techniques for a smoother and more efficient classroom.


Module 5. Teaching through Narratives (4 hours)

Learn how to weave your syllabus into a web of narratives. Practice story-telling and creating stories out of any concept.


Module 6. Collaborative Inquiry-Based Learning (4 hours)

Get familiar with inquiry-based learning and how, and why, to implement it in the classroom. Learn practical ways to create, document and evaluate projects together with children.


Module 7. Inclusion, Diversity and Special Needs (4 hours)

Learn how to recognize and understand diversity and special educational needs of young learners. Get familiar with working methods to promote inclusion.


Module 8. Pedagogical Planning (4 hours)

Get familiar with methods of short and long-term pedagogical planning in the Indian education context.


Module 9. Working with Families (4 hours)

Get familiar with the diversity of families and how to encounter and work with different family types. Understand common challenges in collaboration and strategies to overcome them.


Module 10. Continuous Professional Development (4 hours)

Learn the importance of continuous professional development and reflective practice. Get support in planning your own growth and ways to stay inspired as an early-years-professional.

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