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DLRC's entry in National Toy Fair

DLRC is happy to share support from SCERT in spreading the enthusiasm for making innovations for the visually challenged. Let's brighten our lives by brightening it for others. The Blind Slate, popularized by Shivaji Mane (DLRC Tinkering Lab lead) features in Maharashtra SCERT's entry for National Toy Fair. If teachers, students or parents want to make and help spread the blind slate, please contact 9503045878 and DLRC will conduct free workshops. The fees will be - Gift the slate to a needy.

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With Dr. Coomi Veviana and Dr. Amitabh Mohan

Shivaji Mane - Edustar Teacher Achievement Award

Our dear Shivaji Sir, the Tinkerstar, won the prestigious Edustar Teacher Award 2019. EduStar Award is an attempt to identify those heroes who are willingly making a difference and nurturing the future generation of our country.

Being a teacher is a great responsibility and a job which requires unmatched passion and dedication. It is the only profession where you feel accountable and happy for someone else’s success. In appreciation of your hard work and effort to shape the minds of our future generation, we would like to invite you to nominate yourself for the EDUSTAR AWARDS 2018. 

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Students and Alumni: Academic

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for November 2020 Exam Series


Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They recognize exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. Cambridge places learners at the center of their international education programmes and qualifications which are inspired by the best in educational thinking.

  • Varad Rohit Vaidya: High Achievement in Cambridge IGCSE Travel & Tourism 

  • Sanika Pherwani: High Achievement in Cambridge International AS Level Law, High Achievement in IGCSE Travel & Tourism

  • Shaashvat Sekhar: High Achievement in Cambridge IGCSE Travel & Tourism 

  • Avani Malaviya: Top in the World in A Level Mathematics

  • Riya Narwekar: High Achievement in Cambridge IGCSE Development Studies

Siya Ragade wins Outstanding Cambridge Award


Siya Ragade, our alumni, has been awarded the "Top of the World" award in English Language (9093). 

‘Top in the World’ refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject. This learner will be awarded the Cambridge ‘Top in the World’ award. 

Siya was also interviewed and featured on the Cambridge Website as an International Alumni!


You can read the story here:

Past Performance of DLRC students


At DLRC, we take it as an honour to facilitate students and help them in their learning journeys. Here are our IGCSE results from years 2015 to 2020. 

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DLRC students win laurels at Bebras India Challenge

Bebras ( is an international student Computational Thinking Challenge organised in over 60 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. The challenge is a great way to learn about computational thinking and problem solving skills. The Bebras challenges are made of a set of short problems called Bebras tasks.

The 2019 Bebras India Challenge was held from 18th - 30th November and was conducted online/ offline under the supervision of the teachers. 2019 Bebras India Challenge had participation of 178,239 students from 647 schools across 15 states of India. DLRC studens participated in numbers and won many a prize. 


Students and Alumni: Non-Academic


​Trailblazing their way!


The Fantastic Four from Grade 7 - Aarya Mamidwar, Arundhati Kaduskar, Juhi Trivedi and Tista Bandyopadhyay, won the third prize in the TrailBlazHER Innovation Challenge (Healthcare category) arranged in collaboration with IIT Bombay’s International award winning Unmesh Mashruwala Innovation Cell. Of the 100 teams that participated, 30 were chosen for round 2. They were then mentored by experts from the IITs and the industry. The girls designed a cost effective and innovative water filtration system that could be used for community purposes.

​Aesthetic Prize, Create Kids 2020

Another DLRC star shines bright! Siddarth Sathe has been awarded the Aesthetic prize in Creative Kids 2020 competition. 


Isha, DLRC Alumna 2018, is a Film Student at Westminster University and a professional photographer! Isha has been an assistant and graphic designer during the Wimbledon Championships 2021 / US Open 2021, a translator for BBC Two’s upcoming TV series, ‘This is Going to Hurt’, and the co-founder of ARISH, a small sustainable business upcycling archival fabrics into fashionable accessories!


Gen X on a mission

Our alumni may be youngsters at heart, but they have a high sense of entrepreneurship and social responsibility too! Aahana, Anjali, Reva, Surabhee and Sayuri co-founded "The Project Amara" to raise awareness of menstruation and sustainable period products amongst all demographics, especially in urban slums, schools, and corporate houses. 

You can learn more about their initiative at


Stoka, An Inspiring initiative


We watch this again and again and it fills our heart with pride and eyes with tears of joy. Surbhi is an alumna of DLRC and a spark of positivity. Her initiative, filmed by another alumna, Isha will surely brighten your day. The logo of Stoka was designed by our G11 student Arkita last year. These kids don't even realize how amazing they are...  Nature Speed to them!

Yugma Network and Draft EIA 2020 Notification


If Environmental Impact Assessment Notification 2020, #EIADraft2020, is passed it will give a free ticket to destructive industries such mining, construction etc. to pursue projects they want to, without many regulations. That's why hundreds of students across India are raising their voice against it. In this video, Anjali Dalmia, DLRC Alumni, speaks about the meaning of development and the threats to the environment and economy. Her work on EIA 2020 turned into the Yugma Network, a pan-India youth confluence that works towards achieving ground-level environmental justice. It focusses on policies, campaigns, amplifying marginalised and local voices, and accessibility of information through local languages and art. You can read more at

Students have Interned at:

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