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Vision and Values


To be a progressive learning hub - for continuous learning, cultural immersions and creative curriculum - where learners can discover their strengths and incubate ideas that create value for the society

To be a benchmark self-sustaining campus which inspires the community to be active and responsible citizens

To be a center of production that develops tangible skills and meets some of the daily needs of the community



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"Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience." 

Perseverance: Persistence in achieving goals despite difficulty; inquiring further to develop new knowledge and solve problems

Respect: Taking care of yourself and your family; taking care of the school, its resources, its culture, and its people

Empathy: The ability to understand and have due regards for the feelings, wishes, and rights of others

Stewardship: The ethics of taking responsibility and ownership of place, task and behaviors

Mindfulness: The practice of purposely focusing attention on the present moment, getting things done timely with awareness, completeness and consideration

Our Story

Here is the story of what gave birth to DLRC. Having had a surreal living and learning experience in Bali, Ajay and Mona moved to (Pune) India with their daughters. While Ajay was busy socializing his idea for an Energy Learning Center, Mona was busy doing Education Consulting in the field of Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development. After about a year of schooling, their older daughter expressed the desire to learn on her own.


This started Ajay and Mona’s journey of supporting their daughter to appear for the Cambridge IGCSE Examinations. Realizing that there must be other students like their daughter, who may have similar needs, they thought about opening a learning center. Then, along came a young man, Pavan, who had been dabbling in similar initiatives. Together, the three of them brought the idea of a learning center to life. DLRC started in a small bungalow with just 2 students in 2015. It initially began with grades 9-12, but over the years, inculcated K-grade 8.

As summers passed by, the 3 founders intensively focused on the robust head-heart-hands pedagogy. At the core of this multi-level pedagogy was immersion. Before they knew it, the daily, monthly and yearly plans revolved around immersing the students in hands-on activities, field excursions, and nature. It was at the centre of what DLRC was and wanted to continue being. Through this diverse pedagogy, DLRC has become a place which teaches children how to learn. 


And this how aspect isn't developed with textbook material. Through the vermicomposting pits, students learn the skills of getting their hands dirty, understand what type of soil is needed and the type of compost and its uses in the garden. Through the biogas system, they understand another way for food to be turned into a resource, rather than go to waste. Through the bio-toilet system, they understand the importance of conserving water and the many ways that compost can be made. These features of the DLRC campus, were and are more than just name-sake sustainable features. They teach students important values and textbook concepts in a way which allows them to be conscious and mindful of their actions on the environment. 


But enriching the students is not the only motive the founders have. They began DLRC with the desire to employ self-driven facilitators who were invested in broadening the students’ and their own horizons. Each facilitator goes through lesson demos, and interactions with various people on campus and other faculty. Often while choosing a place to work, only one's skills are evaluated, but at DLRC, it is important to see if DLRC is a fit for them too!


All these efforts culminate and graduate with each batch that passes out. The alumni pool at DLRC is talented and diverse. While some take a gap year to pick up a new skill, get a job or simply travel, others prepare themselves for the next 3-4 years at college. Each alum brings a truckload of experiences with them to college, be it local colleges such as FC, BMCC and GIPE, or liberal arts colleges like Ashoka, Krea and Azim Premji, or the top colleges in the world like Oxford, UC Berkeley.

Today, DLRC comprises 275 students and 37 facilitators. Its unique selling point is that the three founders not only envision and manage DLRC, but also facilitate across all age groups. This enables them to be close to the ground and constantly drive innovation in their learning pedagogy.

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