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Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in visiting your campus. When can I do it?

You are most welcome to visit our Farm by registering on our website here. We will slot a visit on a Saturday between at 5pm to 6:30pm for grade Transition to Grade 8. For Grades 9 to 12 please email  


Do you have any affiliation?

We are not a registered school and are not affiliated to any particular board. We have our own curriculum. We follow the Cambridge International Education syllabi. 


How many students are there in DLRC? How many per class?

There are around 250 students currently enrolled in various grades and programs at DLRC. The class size is not more than 24 students with 2 facilitators to facilitate their learning journeys.


How many students are there per facilitator?

There are around 12 students per facilitator.


With a restriction on student size how does it become feasible for a boutique type school?

Our education model revolves around facilitation and NOT teaching; teaching is a didactic process, whereas facilitation is a collaborative process amongst the facilitator and the learners. Once the concepts are introduced and the learners (within a certain age group) are assigned projects, they learn from each other and through self-exploration. This develops key life skills and minimizes direct oversight and subject specific teaching - thus building problem solving and critical thinking skills. As a result we are able to do a lot more with appropriate number of highly talented facilitators.


Low student ratio per class does give individual attention but does it promote healthy competition?

Competition is usually within your own self; this requires the art and skill of deep self-reflection, a life skill that we develop in students at DLRC. Competition with self and cooperation with others is the essence for bringing out the best in a child. We prepare our kids to face the real world.


What facilities do you have for sports?

We encourage team sports like dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, football. In our program we also have group yoga and team building activities. We have dedicated sports time every day for all. We have a large field for grass sports, as well as two courts for basketball, volleyball and other sports. 


What are the prospects after DLRC? Leaving before Grade 10?

A child from DLRC would integrate into any other school as easily as they would from any other school. There have been some kids who have moved out from Grades 1-9. Our report is quite rigorous where we include HOWLS (Habits of Work and Learning) in the report along with academics. So it’s well respected in the academic community. As for the attainment of learning levels - if the student has progressed appropriately then there isn't a problem integrating in other systems as Cambridge and ICSE teach the same things approximately. The main difference is in the presentation and assessment.


How do you support diverse learning abilities?

We assess our ability to match the learning needs of students based on the report from the previous school or from a specialist.


How do you ensure one-on-one is being given to each student?

We work with students in smaller groups and encourage peer to peer learning. Also, our facilitators can be approached by students and parents to discuss specific learning needs.

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