Our Facilitator Team!

DLRC facilitators are highly dedicated, focused and passionate individuals. They have only one goal at heart - to make learning relevant and inclusive for all students. Our team comes with years of industry experience and passion for the subject they facilitate.

Ajay, Co-Founder of DLRC, brings a wealth of diverse experience across different business disciplines. Prior to co-founding DLRC, he managed Green School (Bali, Indonesia) and had cross-functional experience in the corporate sector. Ajay holds a MBA (Marketing and Finance) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, and MSc (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Akron, OH, USA. While he has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering, he loves History and facilitates the subject to students in G11 and G12. At the same time, he is passionate about Maths and drives pedagogy at DLRC. Ajay is a passionate trekker and camping enthusiast.

Ajay Dalmia

History and Maths Facilitator


Chetan is pursuing Masters in physical education and is a skilled physical fitness and sports facilitator.  He loves playing traditional games and promotes them at DLRC.

Chetan Patil

Sports Facilitator


Kunal has an experience of 2 years as a website designer in the IT industry. He has completed his Bachelors degree in Science with specialisation in computer science from Dr. Bamu university. He is currently pursuing Masters in computer science from Dr. Bamu University. He is an artist at heart and enjoys making art and craft from paper and trash and is keenly interested in drawing and painting.

Kunal has heartily taken to facilitating Thematic, Science and Tinkering Lab lessons for the Primary and Middle school at DLRC. He also facilitates Claywork during Art Club. 

Kunal Ghodke

Thematic, Science, Tinkering Lab, Claywork (MS and PS) Facilitator


Megha Kaulgud is a Math enthusiast and likes to take up challenges that come in the form of Math and logic puzzles. She has worked in the IT corporate sector across multiple functions and roles for about 19 years before venturing out to facilitate Math at DLRC. Megha enjoys reading non fiction books, solving puzzles, watching movies and playing board games with her 2 boys. She has an adventurous streak in her and loves travelling the off beaten track whenever she gets a chance. Megha is passionate towards sustainability and tries every possible way to reduce, reuse and recycle, in that order. Megha has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science. She started facilitating Math at DLRC Primary and Middle school last year and this year she’s going to be facilitating Math to Middle and Junior High students.

Megha Kaulgud

High School Math Facilitator


Namita is highly renowned in the field of Hindi and theatre. She brings a plethora of passion and knowledge to the team. Hindi is more than a language for Namita, it's a living, breathing being whose beauty is missed by most. Her passion is to showcase this beauty in a simple, interesting manner through story-telling, theatre and writing. She has also been helping young minds develop love for the language, for 25 years, as Hindi instructor and as Hindi Division Head for reputed CBSE and ICSE schools. Namita has been an anchor on AIR and often indulges in script writing and translation work. At one time, she even trained young women to drive. She has a Masters degree in Hindi and Economics with a B.Ed. 
She loves reading stories and poetry and is very passionate about the HINDUSTANI language. Namita strives to rejuvenate the lost Hindi literature through developing love for the language in children.

Namita Kichlu

Pillar of Hindi at DLRC, Facilitator, Storyteller


Ajay, Co-Founder of DLRC, brings a wealth of diverse experience across different business disciplines. Prior to co-founding DLRC, he managed Green School (Bali, Indonesia) and had cross-functional experience in the corporate sector. Ajay holds a MBA (Marketing and Finance) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, and MSc (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Akron, OH, USA. While he has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering, he loves History and facilitates the subject to students in G11 and G12. At the same time, he is passionate about Maths and drives pedagogy at DLRC. Ajay is a passionate trekker and camping enthusiast.

Nikhil Ranbhise

Primary and Middle School English Facilitator


Prathamesh is a geologist by training and has taught at the Department of Geology, Fergusson College, Pune for three years as a visiting faculty. He has also worked with Science For All foundation, a Pune-based not-for-profit organization working with low-income government schools, as a Science Content Developer. He is a passionate teacher and loves teaching through real-life experiences and evidences from the world around us. Prathamesh has always been fascinated by various natural phenomena and the science involved in them, which he tries to bring into his teaching style. He has completed B.Sc. from Fergusson College, Pune with geology majors, where he was the university topper. He also holds a Masters in Geology from S. P. Pune University. Prathamesh loves traveling, reading, collecting stamps, coins & rocks, and letter writing. He is an astronomy enthusiast and enjoys star-gazing. He facilitates geography in high school and social studies in middle school.

Prathamesh Pawar

Geography (HS), Social Science (MS) Facilitator


Shivaji has been working under the tutelage of Mr. Arvind Gupta, receiver of the civilian award "Padma Shri" on the eve of Republic Day, 2018. Shivaji is an expert at creating hands-on experiences integrated with other subjects at DLRC. He coordinates the ‘Tinkering Lab’ on campus for all grades. He also helps with organizing ‘experimental Physics’ at DLRC in high school.

Shivaji Mane

Tinkering Lab and Experimental Physics


Supriya is a young sports enthusiast and pursuing her masters in physical education. She is highly organized and brings an immense amount of rigour in the sports program at DLRC. She co- facilitates sports from grades 1 - 12 and prepares students for inter-school competitions.

Supriya Pawshe

Sports Facilitator


Aman Kaushik has completed his Master's in Mathematics and bachelor in education. He worked for two years in Akanksha foundation, an NGO primarily working for educating under privileged children.  He also had an enriching experience of teaching in a Waldorf school in Pune. Combined he has a teaching experience of 9 years.
Aman loves meditating and trekking. He has played district level football, Cricket and table tennis. He likes to sing and wishes to learn theater arts. 
Through Math and Physics, he sees the world around as interconnected web of precise, intelligent and efficient natural systems governed by a few simple laws and equations. He is passionate about Sustainability and clean energy systems.
At DLRC Aman facilitates Math and Physics for grades 9 - 12.

Aman Kaushik

High School Math and Physics Facilitator


Dr. Sona is a passionate researcher and enjoys learning new things. She has more than 7 years of experience in biological research and has worked in a biotech industry for more than 2 years. She has also worked as a lecturer in the Biochemistry department of Nagpur University and Hislop college, Nagpur. She has a Doctorate in Biotechnology from Agharkar Research Institute (University of Pune) and has done her Masters in Biochemistry from Nagpur University. She believes that Biology is an essential subject to learn and tries to pass on her passion for biology to all. Teaching sciences through experiments and experiences, she encourages practical learning over theoretical knowledge. Sona loves music and traveling. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends with delicious food along.

Dr. Sona Sharma

Science (MS) and Biology (HS) Facilitator
SIP Coordinator, High School


Mahasweta believes that one is a large number. If you can help one individual, one child, you will help ten. Because in the circle of that one person, there will be ten others who will get educated. She has done her M. Sc. in Zoology and is a Double Graduate in Life Science & Computer Science. She is a die hard movie buff that inculcates her creativity which reflects in all her actions. Also an excellent cook with the penchant to experiment and create new dishes, just the way she brings out new ideas for learning. With the conviction and firm resolve to empower her young learners, she is here in DLRC to make a difference. She facilitates Science in Middle school and co-facilitates English in the Primary and Middle school.

Mahasweta Chaudhuri

Science (MS), English (MS and PS) Facilitator


Meghna loves people, animals and plants in that order! She is also a die hard football, tennis, badminton and swimming fan; a complete and hopeless movie buff; and thrives on autobiographies, historicals and mysteries (fictional and non-fictional). She loves to interact with kids and introduce them to various wonders of this world. You’ll generally find her discussing something interesting with students, when not facilitating. She’s extremely passionate about Psychology and believes each and everyone should take up Psychology - not just to know about the subject, but more importantly as a skill to understand themselves and others. She's done her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Nagpur University and PG Diploma in School Psychology from Jnana Prabodhini.
Meghna facilitates Psychology for Grades 11 and 12; English for Grade 10 and co-facilitates General English for Grade 11.

Meghna Bandyopadhyay

High School Psychology and English Facilitator


Neha is a Science enthusiast and has done her Masters in Physics with specialization in Astrophysics. She has worked at eminent research institutions like IUCAA and NCRA-TIFR. She embarked on her teaching journey as an experiment during college, driven by a desire to gain insight into an omnipresent complaint – the state of education in the country. She worked as a fellow at Science for All Foundation and taught Math and Science in low income government schools with an intention to build critical thinking and reasoning skills in Middle School students and then mentored undergrads to become better problem solvers and teachers in challenging classroom setups. Learning journeys fueled by students’ curiosity and shaped by constructivist pedagogy excite her the most. She loves bringing in everyday activities like cooking and games into her Science and Math lessons. She loves baking and learning new crafts during her free time.

Neha facilitates Math and Science to Middle School and Physics to Grade 9. 

Neha Pradhan

Mathematics and Science (MS), Physics (HS) Facilitator

Tree Trunk Texture

Pavan, co-Founder of DLRC, is the driving force behind making the Centre sustainable and is responsible for outreach. He makes science exciting through concepts from “Toys from Trash” learnt with Arvind Gupta at IUCCA in SPPU. He is passionate to link the learnings to life and across the curriculum. His present mission is to facilitate varied learning experiences for the DLRC community including afterschool as well as sustainably share DLRC’s learning with the wider community. Pavan holds a Masters degree in Physics from Pune University and Bachelors degree in Physics from Fergusson College. He has worked in top research labs in Pune (SPPU,IUCAA,NCRA-TIFR) and Bengaluru (RRI). He was a Project Fellow at IISER Pune, implementing independent research project that looks into the Energy Transfer in Photosynthesis. Trained in Astro Physics & Quantum Field Theory he sees everything as a Physics Interaction. Pavan facilitates Tinkering Lab for all Grades and takes everyone for treks.

Pavan Iyengar

Tinkering Lab, Outreach


Rupali spent the last 17 years as an IT professional in the United States and moved back to India last year to settle in Pune with her family. As her 2 daughters were on the verge of joining DLRC as students this year, she just couldn't miss the opportunity to join DLRC in its mission to provide a wholesome learning space so close to nature. She believes that the best way to contribute to our society is by investing our time and energy towards the young citizens who are the building blocks of our country's future. Rupali loves music and has been training in Indian classical vocal music. She is a big travel enthusiast, and loves to visit new places with her family- even though she's only been to 8 different countries so far, she has many more on her bucket list! Her other interests are hiking/trekking, playing badminton, gardening, reading, sewing, and cooking her favorite recipes! She has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and a Master's degree in Computer Applications.

Rupali Kaurwar

Maths (PS, MS), Science (MS) Computer Science Facilitator

Rupali (1)_edited.jpg

Sarita believes that learning is a continuous process, and is keen to bring in sustainable practices in her work and life. She has earned a “Summa cum laude” in Food Science & Nutrition from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, and a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. She has worked in the Retail industry and has been in a consulting role at different organizations for the past 25 years. Sarita brings a rich experience of  grass root issues in rural India in her facilitation of sociology. She has been an active volunteer at public schools and libraries and at YMCA, while in the USA for 6 years. Sarita loves to experiment with food, travel and enjoys attending music performances. Sarita facilitates  Sociology for AS and A level in Senior High school.  She also facilitates Social Sciences,  English and the Reading program for Middle school. Sarita is High School SIP coordinator.

Sarita Ragade

Sociology (HS), Social Sciences, English & Reading (MS) Facilitator, SIP Coord


Completed Masters in Commerce, Montessori Course, D.Ed,B.Ed. I have 25 years of experience in teaching. Worked as a teacher in schools for 15 years and handled my own training institute teaching Abacus, Spoken English, Vedic Math and Personality development for 6 years. This has exposed me to learn psychology of children and parents; I now approach teaching in holistic ways. I don’t treat teaching, a 9 to 5 job but means of inculcating good values in children. Professionally I am a counselor  and Graphologist.
My vision is to make a child enjoy learning without the grind of time bound examinations and fear of grades. At DLRC Vaidehi facilitates Mathematics in the primary school, Marathi and Sanskrit in the middle school.

Vaidehi Gokhale

Maths (PS), Marathi and Sanskrit (MS) Facilitator


Anupam has a decade of experience in facilitating & training adult, corporate learners. She stumbled upon teaching much younger adults with DLRC and loved every moment of it. She believes that it's good to be an eternal learner but at some time, in that journey, it's our duty to share & pass on that knowledge to the next generation. She is a B.Tech from IIT, Delhi and an MBA from UBS. She started off as a software engineer but has dabbled in sales, digital marketing, e-commerce, research, business process re-engineering and business consulting. She is a die-hard Trekkie, loves a good mystery, enjoys her daily puzzles and is a poet at heart.
Anupam facilitates Business Studies, Law and Economics at Grades 11 and 12. She is the DLRC high school internship and admissions coordinator.

Anupam Deshpande

High School Business Studies, Economics & Law Facilitator
Internships and Admissions


Kalpita has a Masters in Political Science, a Bachelor’s in Education and a Bachelor’s in Geography from University of Pune. She has been working in the field of education for the past 11 years, during which she has taught English and Social studies as per the SSC and ICSE curriculum. She has been a board examiner for the Maharashtra secondary school examination. She takes keen interest in reading about educational philosophies and research. She is passionate about bringing subjects like history and civics closer to the day to day experiences of children. She is a passionate explorer, interested in backpacking and road trips across the country to explore the socio-cultural roots of a new place. Kalpita facilitates Social Sciences in Middle school, History in Grades 9 and 10 and General English in Grades 11 and 12. She also facilitates ‘Share with dignity’ and is High school Internship Coordinator.

Kalpita Kshirsagar

Social Science (MS), English & History (HS) Facilitator
Internships, Share with Dignity


Mahima has completed her Masters in physics from Central University of Karnataka and Bachelors in Physics from SIES college Sion, Mumbai. She has done projects in BARC and TIFR on Nuclear physics, Astrophysics. She likes the process of research and also find interests in Psychology and Education. She is interested to know how true learning happens by using inquiry and integration; wishes to explore different learning modalities. She likes to cook and be around nature. She aspires to be a life long learner.
At DLRC Mahima facilitates Mathematics, Thematic learning and Hindi. 

Mahima Kaushik

Mathematics, Thematic Learning and Hindi Facilitator


Mona, co-Founder of DLRC, is the driving force behind the Creative & Educational aspects of the Centre. She is a hands-on, fields-on  person and is instrumental in driving the vision forward.
Mona holds a Masters degree in Education from Boston University, Bachelor's degree in Education from Wheelock college, Boston, Bachelor's degree in Science from Calcutta University, Steiner Teacher Certificate from Sacramento, California and Diploma in Child Brain Development from Pennsylvania. She has travelled extensively gaining invaluable teaching experience in the USA, India, Indonesia and Singapore. She loves reading Fiction, biographies and books on education and environment. She loves trekking, travelling and camping in the heart of forests. Mona facilitates English for Grade 12 and Geography for Grade 9. She also helps with farming at the centre.

Mona Dalmia

English and Geography (HS) Facilitator


Neha is an ardent believer of ‘Passion in profession brings perfection.’ Her devotion and flair towards delivering only the best to her students makes her a lifelong learner. She dedicates her spare time to reading, concocting poetries and web series marathons. She is attuned with nature and feels in sync with her inner self when spending time amidst nature. Neha has pursued her Bachelors in Law from Bharati Vidyapeeth University and Masters in English from Pune University. She also holds a Bachelor degree in Education from Pune University. She is TEFL Certified and brings to the table an enriching experience in facilitating for over 8 years.
Neha aspires to create a platform which could bring the elderly and younger generation under one roof, where they can empower each other merely by the existence of the other.

Neha Sharma

English (MS and HS) Facilitator