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'Anubhav'- DLRC Extended Experiences


+91 9503045878

At the heart of DLRC is a vision of a space blooming with excitement and enthusiasm of people from all age groups, participating / engaging in several opportunities to learn, enrich and grow. A space where a community bonds together by sharing knowledge, skills, thoughts and ideas. A space buzzing with exploration, experimentations and creation that value nature and its every creation big and small. A space where experiences of the head, heart and hands are extended to others who have embarked on the lifelong journey of learning and doing. 

DriveChange Learning and Resource lives up to its name by being a resource platform for extended learning beyond classroom hours. We are slowly and mindfully curating programs that add value and provide diversity of thoughts, ideas and actions.  

Connect with us at:

Pavan: +91 9503045878

or email

We invite individuals, start ups, educational initiatives and sports coaches, subject experts, skill based facilitators, corporates to reach out to us for offering their workshops, programs, trainings and coaching at our campus!


If you are a corporate who is looking for a sustainable campus for your training, workshops and activities...


A startup / NGO who would like to collaborate with us to deliver a learning program...


An Individual who has curated a learning program or has an innovative idea for a learning experience...

Connect with us and host your own extended experience sessions at the campus!

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