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At the heart of DLRC is a vision of a space blooming with excitement and enthusiasm of people from all age groups, participating / engaging in several opportunities to learn, enrich and grow. A space where a community bonds together by sharing knowledge, skills, thoughts and ideas. A space buzzing with exploration, experimentations and creation that value nature and its every creation big and small. A space where experiences of the head, heart and hands are extended to others who have embarked on the lifelong journey of learning and doing. 

DriveChange Learning and Resource lives up to its name by being a resource platform for extended learning beyond classroom hours. We are slowly and mindfully curating programs that add value and provide diversity of thoughts, ideas and actions.  


We are launching the following programs in February/March 2022:

After School Care 

DLRC is happy to offer to the parent community a much needed facility to ensure the children are in a safe space while the parents are at work or are busy with commitments. The DLRC After School Care Facility where children can stay back in the campus during post school hours and rest, play, eat, read, complete their homework, explore, experiment and learn in a beautiful space surrounded by nature. 

Timings: Monday to Friday (2:30 to 5:00)

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Sports Coaching

Sports and fitness are crucial for the well rounded growth and development of children. Our in house sports coaches will offer Volleyball, Gymnastics and Fitness and for Frisbee we are collaborating with Ultimate, a frisbee coaching initiative of Manish Freeman (frisbee player & coach for the past 12 years!)


Volley Ball:

Every Wednesday and Friday (3:30 to 4:30pm)

Age group - 12 years and above


Every Tuesday and Thursday (3:30 to 4:30pm)

Age group - 4 years and above



Every Monday and Saturday (3:30 to 4:30)

Age group - 9 years to 13 years


General sports and fitness:

Every Monday and Saturday (4:30 to 5:30)

Age Group - 7years to 9 years

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Library Membership 

"Library is an arena of possibilities, opening a window into the soul and a door to onto the world" - Rita Dove

Our DLRC library with over 8,000 books aims at nurturing a reading habit among children. It is a space where children will not only issue books to read, but will get an opportunity to participate in a plethora of activities - book conversations, book launches, reading programs, art of writing and many more.

Self Directed Learning

An immersive 3 week program for middle school (grades 6-8) students. This immersive program is all about students designing and executing a project of their choice, with a mentor. The mentor will meet the students regularly, to provide guidance and be a brainstorming buddy. The project will culminate on 31st March with presentations.   


Self-directed learning is a process where individuals take primary charge of planning, continuing and evaluating their learning experiences. In self-directed learning, the responsibility to learn shifts from an external source (teacher, etc.) to the individual.


Self Directed Learning Project Areas:

  • skill development (related to any field - performing arts, art and craft, sports etc.)

  • inquiry into something you are curious about - this could be an inquiry into the self or could be inquiry into something about the world around us. 

  • developing your knowledge on certain topics that interest you - here you want to gain more in depth knowledge, understand various perspectives or historical approaches.

  • An innovation/creation (could be a toy, a machine, a tool, computer app) 

  • Skills of planning, creating inquiry questions, researching, creating a project report, and presentations skills will be developed intentionally in groups. 

  • An example of SDL project by DLRC student


Dates: March 7th to 31st 2022

Age group: 11 - 14 years (grade 6 to 8)

Internship Program

An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest. An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills. An internship fair will be held in the 3rd week of March, where the interns will meet prospective employers and apply for internships. Internships can last through the summer vacations or even longer term based on the work need and intern’s competency. 



  1. Workshop on resume writing, interview skills (3 sessions)

  2. Participation in Internship fair

  3. Weekly mentoring calls

  4. Support in writing an internship report (1 session)

  5. Internship certificate and experience letter

Age Group: 15 years and above

Dates: March 3rd week onwards

Higher Learning Dialogue: 

​Higher Learning dialogue is a year-long program to enable high school children to find the right direction to a successful professional career. In this program, we will guide children to make an aware, informed and well researched decision about their stream of education and learning through. We will organise self awareness workshops, mentored peer group research on universities, courses, eligibility and application criteria. The children will also get an opportunity to be part of our career talks and will participate in workshops on writing essays, creating portfolios, interviewing and group discussion skills.


Happy Family Sunday

​Happy Family Sunday” aims to bring families together to spend time engaging in different joyful activities. This is truly a place to exchange, share and receive knowledge, skills and talents and spread the joys of learning and doing.

This event will be hosted every Sunday morning


Connect with us at:

Sharmila: +91 7350920769

or email sharmila@dlrc.in

We invite individuals, start ups, educational initiatives and sports coaches, subject experts, skill based facilitators, corporates to reach out to us for offering their workshops, programs, trainings and coaching at our campus!


If you are a corporate who is looking for a sustainable campus for your training, workshops and activities...


A startup / NGO who would like to collaborate with us to deliver a learning program...


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