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Thoda Pyaar, Thoda Music

“No one is weak.”

Since his childhood, Mr Kuldeep has been learning music. During school, his heart decided on classical music - more specifically Indian classical vocals and he repeatedly listened to concerts and recordings to understand how to play the instruments. From there, it was an uphill journey of experimenting with new instruments such as the flute, dholak, harmonium, bongo, jembe and so on. He realized that music was his calling.

After completing an M.A in political science and his Sangeet Visharad in Hindustani Classical Major Vocals, Mr Kuldeep went on to learn under Dr.Kamlakar Joshi in Gwalior Gharana Gayaki. Overtime, he realized and often preached that “there is no need to read. Music isn't something to see, only something to listen to. What is the relation between seeing and music? Even when I am teaching music, I dont first write it [the composition]. I first make them [students] understand the composition, and then when they make mistakes I help them. I don't give the notation right away because then there's no experimentation.”

After composing a few pieces for movies and plays, Mr Kuldeep stopped writing because it posed to be a difficulty to do so many things at once; however, even today, if need be, he can always compose a melody or two.

Before DLRC, he was working at other schools such as Aman Setu and Sanskriti as a music and vocals teacher. In a conversation with an old colleague, DLRC’s name surfaced and he realized that DLRC’s values and ethos matched his vision perfectly. “Other schools show something and are actually something else. But DLRC was different and my heart knew this was the right place for me” says Mr Kuldeep. :There are so many things right here which are practical and useful in life. What other kind of environment can there be? They never treat me like I am blind and this makes me very happy.”

Recently, Mr Kuldeep has agreed to begin after-school classes where he will be teaching Indian classical vocals and instruments. However, he is open to building and maintaining a balance between classical and semi-classical for those whose interests lie elsewhere. His vision is to construct all-rounded classes by utilizing whichever possibilities are made available to him.

“I think positive so a solution can always be found.” It is this ideology that he adopts and exercises in the face of adversity. If there is a challenge, he is always one to accept it - be it playing cards, or acting or even typing! He strongly believes against sitting and waiting for others to help him because “only when you move forward 2 steps will people know if and how to help”; and more often than not, he needs no one’s assistance because he is just like the rest of us - strong and empowered.

In his words, “no one is weak.”

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