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DLRC Talent

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Hello! I am Shruti Padhye, a graduate of DLRC's 2023 batch. I joined DLRC in 2021, for senior high school. Coming to DLRC turned out to be a pivot point in my education, where I truly understood "learning how to learn". I was able to approach academics in a structural, systematic manner, and truly understand how to get past the foggy patch between "good" and "great". The culture at DLRC changed my approach towards life from a previous "black and white" to a mindset that knows how to embrace the greys. Proud to be a DLRCian!

Hi this is Avishi and I Iove to read books, drink coffee, and learn about fashion. I joined DLRC in Grade 8 and graduated G12 in 2021. I got offers from UC Davis, Ashoka and Krea and have joined Ashoka for English and Media Studies, with Entrepreneurship. I am looking forward to studying fashion, especially having a keen interest in trends, up-cycling and the overall industry. LinkedIn: Email: Work hard, but not so hard that you forget to have fun because if not now, then when?

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