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Singularis Math Tournament 2022

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Date and Time: 

  1. American and Pacific Time Zones: October 1st, 2022, 4-6PM PST

  2. Asian, European and African Time Zones: October 2nd, 2022, 3-5PM IST


Please follow the given registration process. Registration Details and the link to the contest are in the signup form.

Signup Form:

Eligibility Criteria:

This contest is suitable for Grades 7-12, but all math-heads are eligible to participate! Undergraduates, graduates and anyone above, however, will not be eligible for prizes, awards and honorary mentions.


25 Multiple Choice Questions in Ascending Order of Difficulty to be solved in 2 Hours. Questions will be differentiated into 3 categories - easy, moderate and challenging. Different weightage will be given to each category. There are nine 2 marker questions, seven 3 marker questions and nine 5 marker questions.


Prohibited and non-prohibited materials: Calculators, scratch paper, graph papers, writing instruments and geometry tools are allowed for usage. Computers, computing devices or anything that requires the usage of the internet is prohibited.


    a .   AoPS: 3 $25 worth AoPS Gift Cards for Top 3 winners and 1 $25 worth AoPS Gift Card raffled

    b .   Wolfram Alpha: $72 worth Wolfram Notebook Editions to the Top 10 Winners

    c .   Desmos : $45 swag pack for Winner 

    d .   Geogebra: $500 Webinar for top 5 winners 

    e .   Taskade: $2000 worth Taskade Unlimited Lifetime plan for top 10 winners and 1 Taskade Unlimited Lifetime plan raffled.


Total Prizes: $25,365 + a $169 worth Coding Interview Prep Course by Interview Cake per participant

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About Us

The DriveChange Learning and Resource Centre (DLRC) is a K-12 alternative learning center based in Pune, India. In 2021, they saw the formation of a Mathematics Competition spearheaded by Rohan Kalluraya and Aneesh Pant (Grade 12 students) who were soon joined by Jaden Thattil (G12), Palaash Gang (G8), Palash Hatwalne (G8) and Advay Almal (G12). Out of their love for math was born the Singularis Mathematics Tournament, an AMC 10-esque competition for Mathematics enthusiasts around the world. After 2 months of tedious problem-formulation, branding, searching for sponsors and other preparation, we are finally ready! So welcome to the SMT 2022, and best of luck!

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