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Trekking, PE and Art

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

“Hurry up, form a double line. Let’s go.” All the P1 students, or six to eight year olds, bolted out of their classroom and made pairs with their best friends. Their excitement was unparalleled. They were going for a trek around the alluring resort behind DLRC; not something every class was authorized to do. Two kids were glued to one of the volunteers on the walk, adamant on holding his hands and walking alongside him. Initially, this was all fun and no work, but as the students delved deeper between the gnarled trees and trod through the leafy ground, they discovered nature’s hidden traits.

They learnt about the various flora and their importance to the farmers and locals. The students’ thirst for information was surprising and exciting. Their facilitator, Pavan bhaiya, guided them through the towering forest, directing them back towards school. Laughter and chatter boomed as the children skipped back to class. Buzzing, they opened their breakfast box, and sat down to eat and watch their seniors, M2 students, participate in strenuous activities during their sports period

Writer: Anonymous

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