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Is DLRC Unique?

At DLRC there are many ways to teach students and the best part is that they get to choose how to learn. In a conventional school, however, this process is quite straightforwardly executed through standardized textbooks and a few scattered projects. Students are absorbed into their books and not really given a chance to learn and explore varying avenues or opportunities. Whereas, at DLRC, studying is like an open sky - infinite or limitless. Students can take their own learning forward to their best ability and in this way, they truly learn what they want. "There is a want and need to study at DLRC and I haven’t see

n this at other orthodox schools. Moreover, the DLRC library is superbly inculcated into the program so that it is used differently and for many purposes; I have noticed that in other schools it is just there to flip through pages mind-numbingly. Even though there are less students, DLRC has books and materials for hundreds. Its libraries are packed with rich literature and books which every child should grow up reading and every facilitator can use to enhance their lessons" (Namita Kichlu).

The libraries are not only well thought of in relation to the types of books, but also in their make. With beautiful, yet sturdy, bamboo structures and sugarcane-leaf roofs. The libraries have been constructed to ensure optimal ventilation and comfort during winter and summer, and are also pleasing to the eye. Many older students/alumni from DLRC also have a certain connect with the library and have seen it evolve from a single floor structure, to a multi-storied structure; the integrity and emotions with the library still remaining intact. Even today, no matter who enters the library, there is a different aura to it, which is enthralling; it pushes you to walk up to a bookshelf, pick out a book, and sit on one of the many tables or mats laid out on the floor.

The library is truly one of DLRC's unique feature - home to many of the students who spends hours studying and relaxing amongst the most intelligible authors and writers.

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