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High School Journey

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Middle school, in most schools, is considered more of a transition program - one which gears the students to face the hardships of Grade 9-12. Though I joined DLRC in 8th grade, it had opened when I was in 7th grade, in 2015. Occasionally I used to go to the small bungalow where DLRC was operating at the time, just to see the other students learn and my parents teach.

At first, I was reluctant to get admitted into a school founded by my parents and one other individual. However, within a few months itself, my unwillingness transformed into relief. I had discovered and met some wonderful people before and during the summer of 8th grade, who then went on to become a few of my closest friends. Moreover, by joining DLRC, I had departed from the conventional schooling methods, and had arrived at one wherein the facilitators ensured we not only covered our syllabi in the given time period, but also that we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly in the process. Each assignment was creative and thought-provoking, making us think more abstractly and "out of the box". Our mentors made it a point to take us on various field trips all through the year, which gave us an insight into the topic we were either studying about, or merely just to have fun.

Being a school of 50 students, and perhaps 18 in middle school altogether, enabled a high facilitator-student ratio, which resulted in each student getting sufficient support and guidance from them, as well as building a strong rapport with them. This obviously helped those of us in 8th grade prepare for Grade 9 and onwards, but in addition to that, it also nurtured our relationship skills, soft skills, and increased our maturity. The meticulously designed program catered not only to our academia, but also to our overall well being and character. These qualities got carried on with us when we commenced high school, and because of that, despite the location change of our school, we were able to apply the quality of “adaptiveness” to our surroundings, and in turn help those younger than us see the importance of it.

Writer: Avishi Dalmia

DLRC Alumnae

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