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A break during a trek and some learning

    On one of our weekly 2 hour treks we took refuge from the rain in a farm shelter while eating our breakfast (we wouldn't want to dilute rain water with food ...slurp). Imagine 40 young adults and 3 adult facilitators eating breakfast together in a cosy shelter!

    We first checked for any reptile friends, once the coast was clear the shelter invited us inwards. 
    After breakfast we dialogued on the need of the shelter - for farmers to imitate what we just did and maybe for keeping something protected from Sun, Rain. We were mindful of not going very deep as for young kids too much detail reduces excitement. Rather stick to processes of using Near to far while exposing to Food, Clothing and Shelter actively using our head,heart & hand.
    All this while the young adults (1st-4th) are getting sessions on domestic animals in science during that week. Learning is connected you see!
    Pavan Iyengar