Magic of Nature

    This environment is very beautiful 
    It makes our life truly blissful

    None of the resources get outdated
    I wonder this nature who created? 

    Viewing from the window relaxing in the midst of a scenic beauty
    Feels like being in a serene village rather than a turbulent city

    It feels really amazing 
    When at the greenery you are grazing

    No idea how much wealth a tree showers
    With its leaves, fruits and colourful flowers

    In a forest, taking long strides is fun
    In front of it amusement park rides are none

    All the busy workers at some moment in the day
    Enjoy the company of an open air garden and say 'Yay!'


    - by Aniruddha Deshpande
    DLRC Highschool Student

Student Works

    The current lockdown has not been able to lock down the creativity and talent of our students. Showcasing the works of few of our gems:

    Historical Sifar - For History buffs, here is a History Channel made by our Middle School student Sifar Jirgale.

    Blogger Prisha - A G12 student, Prisha is currently doing an internship with a new business startup - Imagineer's Circle. She recently wrote a blog post for them where she tried to connect business and Sociology and highlight how businesses can be humanized. Click here to read her blog.  

    Though it is attributed to a senior professional, you can see her name credited on top right.

    Starry Urvi - Want to be dazzled by Stars! Watch Urvi's YouTube Channel 

    Handy Soumya - Want to have some Hands on Fun? Soumya tells you how here!

    Inspiring Sapna - While some of our highschool students are preparing for becoming enterpreuners, Sapna is inspiring teenagers with her blogs and articles

    Toury Joe - We have placed 10 of our Grade9 - Grade12 students in companies for internships during the summer and beyond. This is after an internal internship with DLRC Faculty throughout the year. Here is a 22 second campus tour by Joe, a Grade 9 student & Outreach Intern

    Treaty of Versailles