Who turns a Dream into Reality?

The Dream Team

The HomeRooms

    The go-to people for each Grade

    They are our strength, our backbone. Our first line of contact with the children and parents. They define what DLRC stands for. They all believe in the same thing – "Giving to their students’ unique learning experiences and opportunities to develop far beyond the realms of books". Without their support, this dream would have still only been a dream.

The SHS Team

    The Senior High School program is ably supported by our passionate, competent and talented group of people. Their one aim is to bring about a change in the manner in which learning takes place, on-farm as well as off-farm. They conduct various hands-on projects, involve the students in SIPs, Internships and provide experiential learning opportunities to engage and stimuate learning. 

The JHS Team

    Catering to the varied and highly intellectual learning needs of the Juinior High School students, is our team of equally intelligent and talented facilitators. They believe in, "doing is learning" and in synergizing the energies into something constructive and informative. The whole program depends on their dedication and perseverance. 

The M2 Team

    Free in mind and spirit. That's the Middle school years and our facilitators are more than capable of handling the curious demands of this age. Spirited, ardent and zealous this is our M2 team. 

The M1 Team

    Life's just beginning to unfold, miles to go before they sleep. Our middle schoolers embark on their wondrous journey with equally inquisitive and remarkable facilitators by their side.

The P2 Team

    Gracious and dependable in their nature, imaginative in their ideas and patient in their behaviour epitomize our P2 facilitators. They bring life, cheer and laughter along with them and become child-like in their play. 


The P1 Team

    Simply put, these passionate people love teaching and so the children learn to love learning! They use several interesting and different activties to hold the attention of a distracted and squirrely group of children

Primary Transition Team

    The tiny tots, just out of their parents' care, are lovingly led across the path of discovery and experiences. Our Transition facilitators are an able bunch.