What's unique about our Approach to Learning?

Our Pedagogy, Our Methodology, Our Programs

    The MEANS - the strategies we use to achieve the learning goals: this includes learning activities guided by us in alignment with the goals, in and outside the classroom. DLRC pedagogy includes: SCIM-BID-PH


    • Inquiry based learning methods of teaching and learning which foster the wonderment in learners and where information is not fed to them but allowed to be discovered.

    • Immersive Learning makes every opportunity to learn and teach to the fullest. Focussing on quality versus quantity is important. Keeping the larger syllabi within vision but taking each session to the most depth possible

    • Differentiated learning designed mindfully to incorporate all types of learners and small group learning based on ability should be encouraged. Class and home assignments are planned in 2-3 levels to provide adequate challenge and support. Understanding each child’s learning growth is essential.


    • Mixed age group learning designed to build self-esteem, remove competition and individualize the pace of learning. Two grades are together in a class to promote ability wise learning and peer learning

    • Small class sizes to help teachers observe the learners personally and understand their individual needs so that lesson plans can be designed keeping all types of learners in mind

    • Effective work habits (HOWLs) incorporated into the grading system, so that it gets the attention needed, with specific criteria for different grades.


    • Project-Based learning to establish interdisciplinary connections and foster application of concepts in real world situations 

    • Balance between theory and experiential learning that incorporates the visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic (Known as the VARK model, founded by theorist Neil Fleming) learning preferences.

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