Rivers Tell a Story

    When #Geography becomes fun
    #Rivers tell #stories

    Join #DLRC Grade 9 students


    How many rivers can you name?
    Do you know where Nile got its name from?
    Where does Saraswati flow?

    Come join DLRC Grade 9 students to test your knowledge and learn more about rivers through an interactive session filled with storiesun, fun facts and quizzes!

    When - Saturday Aug 8, 2PM-3PM

    For - Grade 7- Grade 10 students & all rivers enthusiasts

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Rivers and Civilization

    Webinar on Rivers & Civilizations on Saturday 9th May from 4pm to 5pm

    🐬There has always been a strong connection between rivers and their role in the birth of civilizations. 🐬

    In this webinar for Grade 8 and above audience, discover how the 🌍 geography contributes to the 🗿 history! 

    Register with us to be a part of this fascinating historic 🚣🏾river ride and discover the lifeline of Ancient & Modern civilizations.


    Facilitated by DLRC Social Studies, English and Sociology faculty Sarita Ragade. 


COVID19 The Explosion of Science in Society

    🧬🧬Webinar on Sunday 10th May from 4pm to 5pm🧬🧬

    🌿DLRC The Learning Farm


    Naren Chirmule, Co-Founder & CEO SymphonyTech Biologics and member of the GOI Biotechnology Task Force for COVID-19 will talk about 

    🔅 our immune system

    🔅 how viruses invade the body

    🔅 how vaccines work


    Please register yourself for the webinar and be ready with a list of questions, on the pandemic and even beyond. 

Let's Talk Periods

Ways to Teaching Online

Robominds Challenger Series

    It’s been more than two months since we introduced our e-Learning programs, to “keep the learning alive” amongst our student population during the nationwide lockdown.

    As time passed, we endeavoured to add to our offerings such that you had a varied choice of programs.

    Despite school commencing on-line for many of you, we at Robominds wish to ensure that students don’t forget what they learned as time passes, before we can get together again  for real-time, Robotics sessions.

    To this end, we are introducing the “Robominds Challenger Series”, where each week;

    1. An assignment will be set, in your chosen subject, that has to be completed within a week. 
    2. Tutorial sessions will be conducted, where students can log-in to get help from their tutors.

    At the end of the series, students will be graded and recognised for consistent performance in each subject.

    Robominds will be conducting this Challenger Series, free of charge. Contact +91 8888683338.

    As a community service, Robominds will be extending this program to anyone who is interested to participate. So, please pass on this message within your network.