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The ‘One of a kind’ Community Meet at DLRC

    Congratulations to Team DLRC for putting up such a wonderful show!!! It was absolutely amazing to witness such a lovely display and celebration of talent, creativity and perseverance. 

    I would like to highlight here some of the things that I loved the most. The equal participation of facilitators, parents and students made the meet a very unique one. It was a 'community' meet in the true sense; the feeling of oneness was in the air. It felt like a family meet - the kids all comfortably sitting on the mats right in front of the stage feeling totally at home. All the acts were well planned and executed. The students did a really good job and so did the facilitators. I was amazed to see that some of the plays/dances were majorly driven by the students and the outcome was so good! I'm so glad they were given the opportunity to drive the act. A big thank you to the facilitators to trust their students. The creative skills of the students were channelized so well. 

    Another highlight of the meet was the costumes, props and stage set-up. For costumes, the key idea was to make the best use of what is available and rent it only if really required. The props were all hand-made by parents, facilitators and students. The set on the stage (the temple, hut, well, etc.) was all made at the campus using available material. In one of the song performances, paint buckets were used as drums which gave a unique flavor to the song. All these little things that may not matter much to many people, but they actually made the meet so 'distinctively DLRC'. That 'Less can be More' is what the meet proved right. And the best part is that the kids were so proud of it!

    Also, I cannot fail to mention the 2-line introduction of all the facilitators given by the Founders. :) It was heartening to see the entire team on stage. It was such a proud moment! What a wonderful team it is!

    I also loved the fact that the entire program was well woven around the theme 'folklore'; right from the variety of languages used (English, Hindi, Marathi, Assamese) to the variety in the setting of the various acts; from the diverse cultures touched upon to the theme-appropriate props.

    This was our first community meet at DLRC and I must say I was really floored by the event! Kudos to the entire team. So proud of DLRC!


    Niki Dedhia