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Internship with Robominds

    In 2018, DLRC hosted an internship fair, wherein, various companies participated and shared what they do and what they required help in. Among the many firms, one of them stood out for me - Robominds.

    I began working there over my summer break of 2018, and soon found out that it was more than just an internship for me. I started here for 2 weeks in summer, and found this job very enhancing. So, “What is Robominds?”

    Robominds is an organisation founded in 2013 by Prakalpa and Chris Bastianpillai, to provide hands-on learning experience for children through the latest robotics technology. It is their vision to be recognized as a leader in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematic education through robotics, along with nurturing a mind-set of innovation.

    Who am I and why I chose to work here? As a student appearing for my board exams in October, solely studying was not the key to attaining my grades. I was eager to try something new which would help me broaden my ways of logical thinking. Robominds came in my path and stood as the obvious answer. I officially commenced my work on 23rd June, 2018, and have been working here on Saturdays, ever since. I aid the juniors, aged 6 – 10, in constructing and programming their robotic projects, involving simple mechanics, such as gears, pulleys, cams, motors, sensors, etc. Alongside this, I capture moments and help Robominds with their digital marketing, via posts on Instagram.


    A few guidelines which are essential to follow whilst working anywhere are commitment, diligence, punctuality, dedication and the hunger to learn. Things such as impertinence, forgery and deceit should be averted.

    I savour my time spent at Robominds, as I also learn through the kids and my mentors, namely, Prakalpa aunty and Chris uncle. Although I am appearing for my IGSCE 10th exams this October, I feel taking up an internship is a crucial part of experiential learning. It is also a divergence for the mind, from the daily activities and classes. This is opportunity has taught me the importance of fidelity and earnestness. I look forward to working under the guidance of experts, in the following years to come.    


    Avishi Dalmia (JHS)