The Industry School Connect

    Time and again, industry stresses the need for colleges to build work skills...
    But do we really need to wait so long?
    Can this skill building be initiated in school?

    Join our panel of professionals, who are also high school parents, as they discuss, if school is the right time and place to start.

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    To get a feel of our surroundings and locale, enjoy our campus tour

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DLRC National Level Environmental Quiz

    How much do you know about your environment? 

    Are you in sync with the environmental issues?

    Are you up for an environmental challenge?


    Then pick up your phones and call 9503045878

    DLRC is proud to announce a Green Quiz for students of Grades 7 and 8. 

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DLRC Learning Pedagogy

    To learn more about DLRC highschool learning, pedagogy and the admission process, join us on Nov 28 at 4.00 pm.
    Admissions to #Grade9 & #Grade11, for the academic year 2021-22 are now open.

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DLRC Tinkering Club

    Every Friday |  5:30 - 6:30pm

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    Facilitated by Shivaji Mane, Tinkering Lab Lead, DLRC The Learning Farm.


    ☀️Theme for Month of December - Tinkering with paper straws. To make coasters, penstand, models and much more.

    ☀️Get your own Science, Arts or other projects or get ideas from the facilitators & peers.


Psychology, the DLRC way

    I didn't want to do it, he made me do it! Everyone was throwing stones, so I too threw some!
    Curious as to why people give such reasons?

    Then, join us as we attempt to understand people, with an interesting take on Obedience! Or should we say, the other side of Obedience! 

    Let's all explore Psychology the DLRC way!
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    #Destructive Obedience
    #Understanding people

Is a Gap Year for Everyone?

    Is #GapYear after 12th for #everyone?
    To know more, join our panel discussion.
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COVID19 The Explosion of Science in Society

    🧬🧬Webinar on Sunday 10th May from 4pm to 5pm🧬🧬

    🌿DLRC The Learning Farm


    Naren Chirmule, Co-Founder & CEO SymphonyTech Biologics and member of the GOI Biotechnology Task Force for COVID-19 will talk about 

    🔅 our immune system

    🔅 how viruses invade the body

    🔅 how vaccines work


    Please register yourself for the webinar and be ready with a list of questions, on the pandemic and even beyond. 

Menstrual Hygiene

    Talk on Menstrual Hygiene by Dr. Meenakshi Bharath at DLRC for the Grades 8 - 12 young adults. Dr. Bharath has been a gynaecologist and fertility specialist for almost three decades now and is also a green campaigner. She advocated for Clean India much before the Swachh Bharat campaign started and championed many initiatives. Dr Bharath’s current project is “Green The Red” campaign, under which she is advocating “sustainable menstruation practices -menstrual cups and cloth pads” to empower women through their difficult times during their periods. With this intent, DLRC invited Dr. Bharath to guide the young minds. 

    Watch her talk and a student's change of perspective.