DLRC Teachings in Real Life

    With the lock down, all domestic help stopped - creating several jobs around the house from cooking to cleaning to laundry. While we had distributed these amongst the three of us, I had kept most of it for myself since my husband has long days of office work, and my son, Ahan had signed up for several online classes.
    Am proud to share that Ahan by himself approached me a few days ago - and very maturely told me that he noticed that I am getting very tired - so he wants to take on more. He’s been helping with the laundry, mopping, placing vessels in their place (bhandi lavane), filling drinking water for everyone. He enthusiastically told me that he had learnt mopping in DLRC - everybody takes turns in class and he loves it.
    This is a very new person. Much more matured, much more responsible and very solutions oriented.
    And I give this credit only to his school - DLRC. He wasn’t this person two years ago.
    DLRC has not only improved his skills academically but more importantly has thought him good human values. Am so proud to be a part of this family.
    Many thanks Ajay, Mona, Pavan for these values. Am obliged and am feeling very grateful.
    Tejasi Waknis - Yadwad