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    What do internships teach 13 to 18 year olds? They teach us how to manage academics, extra-curriculars, work, social life, and also how to manage real world situations, involving working and communicating with veterans and business leaders. They hence forming an integral part of shaping our lives early on.

    DLRC initiated an internship program to expose its high school students to something more than just studies, and to expand their horizon through social skills building. This program is a unique feature of DLRC, and helps students grow, become more responsible and aware of what it takes to succeed outside of academics.

    At DLRC, students can participate in  two types of internships; a compulsory on-campus internship and the other, voluntary off campus internship. On campus internships have been started by DLRC to familiarize and equip students with suitable work ethics, which would be an asset as skill building tool while applying to college or to companies going forward. They enable students to think creatively right from choosing the internship that would help them gain the best experience, besides being closest to their other interests.

    Each internship option is led by a facilitator who guides students in the nuances of delivering quality and timely work. The tasks delegated are in line with students’ strengths and interests. So, every week, students engage for 1-2 hours in tasks that range from tending to the gardens, to creating pieces for outreach. And for those who put their best foot forward, the centre awards recognition in the form of an internship letter, which helps students stand out
    in their college applications.

    Besides these learning opportunities on-campus the more enterprising students have the option to take on off-campus internships with organizations that are led by the parents from the community. Towards the end of an academic year, parent organisations present these options to the students, for their learning, either with or without remuneration. These can either be long term internships or summer internships, depending upon the student’s zeal to learn and their ability to work under the guidance of people who have done wonders in the professional world.

    Through these internship opportunities, students learn the importance of time and task management, which are skills they can utilize to balance their academic, extracurricular, work, and social life. Moreover, it teaches them the business etiquettes and soft skills such as collaboration, diligence and hard work essential when dealing with senior professionals.

    In all, these internships, help high schoolers enhance their portfolios, learn how to deal with real world issues and come up with tangible solutions to them. But most importantly they learn to be responsible, mindful, independent, compassionate and logical individuals.


    Avishi Dalmia

    Grade 12 student