Goonj Collection Drive at DLRC

    Since September, DLRCians have been supporting Goonj initiatives with gusto and passion. Let's carry forward the momentum and end the year with a note of gratitude. Goonj has started it's annual winter campaign Odha Do Zindagi (ODZ) -, focused on providing winter essentials to those in need, since, this biting winter is already a DISASTER for them. 

    How can you take part?

    Material Contributions - Winter essentials like shawls, blankets, sweaters, socks, jackets, mufflers, gloves, boots, shoes, etc. Also sarees and general clothing (old but in useable condition)

    • Support generously to the collection drive at DLRC, The Learning Farm campus till 30th Dec at the location.

    Monetary Contributions: It is important for critical logistics requirement and transportation  

    • Get your students, staff, and parent community to contribute towards the cause, organise fundraisers for Goonj’s Odha Do Zindagi campaign on Ketto/Give India platforms. We will help you set-up your page
    Enclosing a video and a poster for you to circulate and spread the word. 

    This is a great opportunity to involve and teach your students about mindful giving, empathy, compassion and humanity.  

    For any assistance please feel free to write to Goonj at or call at 8724070227/ 9351011026

    Reach Goonj at: Facebook Website | Address


Poornam Collection Drive

    What you can Donate in E-Waste? 
    1) Old electronic items of all kinds. (Working/ non working both accepted)
    2) Microwave/ Fridge / Mixer / Food processor
    3) Mobile/ Headphones/ Chargers/ Pen drives
    4) Coolers/ ACs/ Electronic toys
    5) Computers/ CPU/ Speakers/ DVD
    6) Old CDs/ Remote/ Radio
    7) Aquaguard, purifier devices
    8) Toys
    9) Suitcases


    The drive has started from 16th December and will continue up to 30th December. Please spread the word and let's make this another successful initiative.


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