Mona Dalmia

    Mona holds a Masters degree in Education from Boston University; a Bachelors degree in Education from Wheelock College, Boston; a Bachelors degree in Science from Calcutta University; Steiner Class Teacher Training Certificate from Sacramento, California and a Diploma in Child Brain Development from Pennsylvania. 
    She has travelled extensively gaining invaluable teaching experience in USA, India, Indonesia and Singapore. She loves reading poetry and biographies.
    In her words “Being an educator has been one of the best parts of my life. I have challenged myself and have constantly dared to dream about doing something more meaningful, relevant and special in the field of education that would significantly improve the quality of student learning".

Pavan Iyengar

    Pavan makes science exciting through concepts from “Toys from Trash” learnt with Arvind Gupta at IUCCA in Pune University.

    He holds a Masters degree in Physics from Pune University and Bachelors degree in Physics from Fergusson College and is a visiting lecturer at IBB (Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology). In addition he was a Project Fellow at IISER, implementing independent research project that looks into the Energy Transfer in Photosynthesis.

Ajay Dalmia

    Ajay leads DLRC’s Career Counseling Service and is a full-time facilitator. Prior to starting DLRC, he was managing Green School (Bali, Indonesia). 
    He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (Marketing and Finance) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, and Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Akron, OH, USA. 
    He has a cross-functional experience in the corporate sector and is also certified as an Energy Manager in Singapore.