A parent's happiness unfolded

    Proud to be a DLRC parent (yet again smiley)!
    Life skills training - and the importance of it cannot be stressed enough. Rolling up your sleeves, and getting your hands dirty is ingrained in the DLRC culture. 
    Amongst several other unique initiatives as a part of the online schooling, DLRC has a Farm to Table session every week. It’s a very well designed, and homely session conducted by Mona (cofounder) - and enjoys super enthusiastic participation of youngsters (by age / heart:). 
    Salads, Herbal tea, and the list goes on.

    This week, Mona conducted a session - Paneer making and Curd setting.
    My son - whose never been into cooking ever - decided to give it a try. (For the love of Paneer perhaps:)
    And guess what - from a litre of milk - simply with some curd and lemons - like a fairy god mother - Mona guided him to create his very own Paneer!
    And this noon as our family sat at the lunch table - and treated ourselves to yummy Paneer ki sabzi one young man couldn’t stop grinning :) 
    Soft, fresh and tasty paneer - and an experience he loved ! 
    What a beautiful and unique way of developing interest and teaching life skills.
    Kudos once again ! (And keep the yummy Farm to Table coming!)


    Tejasi Waknis - Yadwad