Our Tinkering Lab

Updated: Mar 21

Thud, thud, thud. The periodic hammering was audible throughout the open structure, also known as the tinkering lab. The children were seated in clusters of two to three, working decisively on constructing wooden frames. While one hammered, the other demarcated the nailing spots. The constant chattering lingered on, allowing the work to be pleasant and joyous for everyone, including the vigilant facilitators present there. Previous exasperation of not wanting to participate in the activity was replaced by the zeal to learn and know. All this was solely because of their prodigy facilitator, Shivaji Sir.

One and a half hours was meager for this task that required equal measures of patience and diligence. At the end, the student’s toil resulted in symmetrical squares, with thirty or so nails on opposite sides. Work deemed fit for a carpenter, was completed by mere fourteen year olds in a short time span. Quite a feat wouldn’t you say?

Writer: Anonymous

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