How Music influenced our Freedom Struggle

Updated: Mar 21

Independence Day. What came to your mind? Going to school on a national holiday? Listening to three to four speeches on the same topic from different people in different words? Seeing the youngsters sing some patriotic songs? Well, same. Often, the only solace was the bus ride back home with friends.

To lighten up the 74th Independence Day, given the emotional and physical rollercoaster that 2020 had been so far, the grade 11 students of DLRC approached 15th of August in an unconventional way. The event was mediated by Rose Chaperone, Siddharth Sirur, Ayush Singh and Raghav Ganesh, with some help from the co-founder, Pavan.

Their main focus for DLRC’s first online Independence Day was to educate people on how music plays an important role in everyone’s lives, taking the example of how it impacted the freedom movements of different countries. They decided that they would not limit themselves to just the Indian struggle, but would include the American and French revolution as well. The research for their presentation was quite the ride.

As Raghav mentions, “we had never taken this perspective on Independence Day before, and we had to really think about what content we would share. Something to note would be that we deliberately put in songs and music that would not be as commonly sung or heard on this auspicious day. We wanted to show people that Independence Day can be more than the same speeches and generic songs that are usually played everywhere.”

Their presentation was a fun-filled 30 minutes wherein, all the DLRC community members sang and jammed along. Isn’t it this community spirit which we wish to see every Independence Day?

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