What else happens at DLRC?

A lot, a mighty lot...

Special Open House for Prospective High School Parents and Students

    Though we have an open house every week but prospective parents usually do not get to meet the facilitators, students and parents. As parents, we understand, this must leave a lot of questions unanswered, especially for High School parents and students.

    On 13rd April 2019, from 8am - 10:30am , we have organized a special Open House, for those interested in our High School Program (Grades 9-12). A panel comprising of our Co-founders, facilitators, students and parents of both Senior High School (Grades 11-12) & Junior High School (Grades 9-10), and few of our alumni will help answer all queries and questions.

    So, please spread the word amongst your friends and family who may be looking at DLRC High School Program for their children. If they are interested in attending the Open House, please ask them to either send an email to cofounders@dlrc.in or send a message to +91 950 304 5878 or fill the Enrolment Form. Even if they have attended an open house before, or have already made up their mind about joining DLRC, this will be a good opportunity for them to meet more members of the DLRC family.



    Team DLRC